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Motor pumps

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For an optimum independent water supply

No electrical power connection available? This is where diesel engines are useful. This is another area, in which customers are often seeking innovative solutions. In the standard case the diesel engine and pump are mounted as one unit on a tank frame chassis.

However, if the water level lies at a depth of more than 8.5 m, suction ceases to be possible and a submerged pump has to be installed. A stationary deep-well turbine or a mobile Lampo unit might be used here. In this version of the motor unit instead of the pump a generator, which generates electric current, is installed and this in turn drives the submerged pump.

This pump, installed vertically with the unit, together with the 3 m quick-coupling riser pipe, can be lowered with the crane, which is also mounted on the unit. The big advantage of this type of construction is its high degree of flexibility. The pump and power unit, together with the irrigation machine, are taken to the appropriate areas, i.e. with an available well. This means that only one unit is required for several wells! Here also we can offer special solutions.

Pluto suction irrigator pivoting

Pluto suction irrigator for simple, effective suction of water by means of the motor. In order to produce suction the injector is pivoted in front of the exhaust and ventilates the suction hose by means of the venturi effect.

Elcos motor monitoring CEM-250

With displays: hour meter, revolution counter, timer, connection to the pump protection, oil and battery indicator lamps.
Electronic pressure monitor (standard): regulates the response pressure and replaces conventional pressure monitors.

Optional extra: GSM module for telephone monitoring

For protection with motor stop switch for the following malfunctions:

  • low oil pressure
  • overheating
  • V-belt breakage
  • lack of fuel
  • blocked air filter
  • low coolant level
  • pressure drop in feed pump

The Lampo

The multi-function unit, which can be operated with heating fuel oil!

Basic equipment:

Motor: IVECO, on request DEUTZ and JOHN DEERE
Performance-related generator: 20 - 100 kVA; 50 - 60 Hzv
Switch box: with 32A / 125A power socket
Tank frame: 1,000 l with axles, wheels and support feet
Noise insulation: 65 dBA
Motor monitoring: ELCOS
Lamp for emergency lighting
Distribution box with frequency converter

  • Submerged or dry pump or submerged lifting pump with dry booster pump.
  • Electric crane for lifting and lowering the submersible pump
  • Cable reel with automatic winding and underwater cable
  • Riser pipes in 3 m lengths or "steel from the roll" (flat hose) with automatic hose reel
  • Rubber connection hose with pressure transducer

Generator and submersible pump with automatic winding flat hose

For fast mounting, flat hose (soft rising pipe) mounted on a power-driven reel, also for power supply to machines / earthing line (safety rope required!)

Technical data:

Generator and submersible pump with riser pipe

Safe and stable, depending on water depth the submerged pump is lowered to 3-metre rising pipes with quick-couplings; at the top connection is by means of suitable bends + feeder hose

Technical data:

Generator with lifting pump "steel on the roll" (flat hose) and monoblock pump for pressure boosting

Generator with lifting pump (if the well diameter is too small), flat hose on power-driven reel and rising pipe, an electric block pump on the unit base as the main pump

Technical data:

Generator and electric monoblock pump

Generator with electric monoblock pump for suction wells (up to 8 m max.) / open bodies of water, multi-function unit for electrical operation, optimum regulation by means of the frequency converter.

Technical data:

Lampo – the generator for every operating power requirement

Performance: 20 – 100 kVA
Frequency: 50 – 60 Hz