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Intelligent irrigation
for higher yield.


I would really like
to be independent of climate change
and fluctuations in rainfall.


I should like an irrigation
system, but I 'd like to know
how that would help me.



A passion for irrigation technology

Since 1988 LGRain has been your reliable partner for answering all your questions on irrigation. From planning to the construction of a complete system we guarantee the water supply for your plants to the highest ecological and commercial standards.

The "expert" among the separators

LGRain unites its forces!

Our commitment and our passion flow into agricultural irrigation and potato technology. Our technical know-how makes us unflappable pioneers in unusual projects. We examine each farm in the minutest detail and determine the individual solution for you and your business.
Our promise to you:

  • We have more experience and can plan and implement your irrigation project quickly, while keeping your interests and requirements in the front of our minds. There is always an efficient, reliable, modern system to suit your business.
  • Other solutions suitable for your business are circle and linear irrigation systems. Save time, energy and water and put your faith in greater irrigation success.
  • We have expanded our range of irrigation machines by adding the new Eco-Line series, because quality has to be affordable.
  •  It is worthwhile installing a drip irrigation system for your special crops.
  • Together with our partner, Raindancer, we are delighted to demonstrate to you the possibilities of optimising your irrigation management.
  • We regularly monitor our General Terms and Conditions of Purchasing and Ordering for accessories such as sprinklers, hoses and much more. Secure the best prices and compare them.
  • We have expanded our service package and will be delighted to explain to you how it works!
  • Keen & Green - our partner for potato technology AVR is zeroing in on the German potato market more strongly than ever before. From planting to harvesting we are setting new standards with you.

We look forward to hearing from you: +49 (0) 58 02 98 700

Our services include:

  • Planning and sizing, plus upgrades and updates of new and existing irrigation systems, also expert assessments, variant comparison, as well as site management, site supervision, project management and project control
  • Pump technology, pump stations, and pump control systems, including frequency converters and mobile phone surveillance
  • Water meters, calibrated and uncalibrated, in all the most popular sizes
  • PE pipes, PVC earthing lines, pipe systems including all moulded bodies and hydrant systems
  • Pressure hoses and suction hoses in all sizes for all operating conditions
  • Irrigation machines in all sizes, also demountable models from LGRain-VPS, LGRain-Optima and Perrot brands
  • Large area irrigation Circle and linear irrigation systems from O-Tech
  • Drip irrigation, micro irrigation, frost protection irrigation for farming and horticulture including fertiliser input and fertigation
  • A well sorted and comprehensive parts warehouse for secured parts supply (Perrot, Nettuno, Irrimec, Irrifrance)
  • Pre-owned machines in various sizes always available
  • The trained staff from our workshop assist you in your repair requirements.

Emergency service outside business hours

Telephone: +49 (0) 02 98 700