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Sprinklers and accessories

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The main task for a sprinkler is to distribute the water as evenly as possible over a maximum or reduced distribution range. There is an infinite number of types of sprinkler, which fulfil, or are reputed to fill, this task in the most varied of ways. However, if you select according to Intended purpose, quality, material and function the choice narrows down considerably as a rule.

Swing arm sprinklers

Swing arm sprinklers have proved their worth in practical use. They have a relatively simple structure, which makes them sturdy as regards permanent contact with water and they need little maintenance.

The leading manufacturer in the large sprinkler range is the Komet company, ostensibly for the TWIN series. These sprinklers can be adapted to all conditions, whether due to their adjustable spray angle, their variety of nozzles or for their close range irrigation with the help of suitable deflectors.

By obtaining ancillary components you can also undertake sector control manually or now electronically. In particular this where the issue of "strip irrigation" is father to the thought.

Now for pre- and post-irrigation the necessary sectors can be gradually adjusted during intake and irregular field edges or wedge-shaped parts can be precisely irrigated.


It is in small sprinklers (up to 20 m distribution range) that the Perrot company has earned their reputation. They are outstanding first and foremost for their use of exceptional quality materials, such as brass and stainless steel. A sprinkler in this class lasts "a lifetime", but should something go wrong, the individual components for these sprinklers will be available for a long time to come.

Mobile irrigation systems

A cost-effective alternative to permanently installed irrigation systems is provided by the Perrot Rollcar T-V. Once installed in the crop the device pulls back and irrigates independently.

Further information is available on the manufacturer's home page.

When buying irrigation machines, don't forget the hoses!

LGRain is now also offering quality products from the Gollmer &Hummel Hilcoflex series; these hoses are rubberised inside and out and are ideal for all farming needs.

Hoses are an extremely important accessory product in mobile water supply using irrigation machines and drip systems. They have the unbeatable advantage that they can be rolled up to save space and transported. At the same time they have to overcome the challenges of both lack of pressure and pressure overload and this is why in practice a distinction is made between suction and pressure hoses. Whereas in low pressure situations suction hoses have to retain their solid shape, in order, e.g. to suck water from a well, pressure hoses can be made from flexible materials, which allow them to be compressed flat when there is no pressure. These pressure hoses should be selected on the basis of flow volume, pressure and wear. When in use the couplings at both ends are connected to the counterpart on hydrants, on the irrigation machine or to another coupling point and connected into the hose with clamps.

However, we also offer specialist hoses for many other applications. Pressure hoses are becoming ever more popular as rising pipes in wells, for example. There they are laid out at high tensile loads and the use of rising pipe hoses does away with the need for the costly screw fitting of steel riser pipes.

Hose reels from SlurryKat

In addition to this, we also offer you a wide selection of hose reels for front and rear attachment in a huge variety of versions up to extra strong reels with power drive on both sides. This is because long lengths of hose need to be transported and wound appropriately.

The specialist prominent in this area is our partner, Slurrykat. Over many years they have accumulated experience under extreme conditions and this experience has flowed into their products. The resulting standard of quality and the individual solutions specifically developed for customers have already convinced many operators.