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Circle and linear irrigation

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Circle and linear irrigation

Circle (pivot) and linear irrigation systems are efficient, powerful semi-mobile irrigation systems, which are ideal for moderate to large-sized fields.

A centre pivot irrigation system can be used as a stationary or mobile system. Essential conditions are no trees, ponds, structural obstacles, such as electricity pylons or buildings or similar structures within a 3 metre radius. In order to irrigate corners, the system can be fitted with an end gun sprinkler and optionally with a swivelling overhang. Linear irrigation systems are particularly well-suited to approximately rectangular fields. They can irrigate up to 100 per cent of the area and distribute the water as evenly as a centre pivot irrigation system.

Advantages of both systems:

  • Minimum workload: The only personnel required for the systems are supervisory staff.
  • Energy conservation: The systems operate at a pressure of only 1.9 to 3.5 bar, whereas in comparison conventional irrigation machines require high pressure up to approx. 9 bar.
  • Water efficiency: The technology distributes the water absolutely evenly, even in windy conditions. The dosage of the volume of water to be applied can be regulated very precisely by means of the driving speed and the choice of jet nozzle.
  • Consistent crop: Increases yield and allows you to plan harvesting.

The components suitable for your operational conditions are individually prepared on site from a wealth of product types and variants. We will be delighted to advise you on the range of systems and accessories and will design the system custom-made for your business to your requirements.