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Centrifugal pump

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Horizontal and vertical centrifugal pumps

Where there is an electrical power connection available, these pumps installed at the surface - therefore 'dry' pumps - are used not only as irrigation pumps or as booster pumps, but also by local authorities and in industry.

Series Monoblock

Vertical design: Series HV-HVU and Series HVX

Series HVU prospectus for download (DE)
Series HVX prospectus for download (DE)

Horizontal design: Series MD

Series MD prospectus for download (DE)

Horizontal centrifugal pump with free shaft end

Operational area: delivery, transport and pressure boosting of surface water in pipeline networks for supplying water for local authorities, fire fighting systems, irrigation systems, households, etc. The single-stage model is suitable for use as a circulating pump for horizontal centrifugal pumps with free shaft end in relatively large heating and air conditioning systems. Pumps and drive motors are mounted on a common base frame and connected by means of an elastic shaft coupling.

Single stage

Series MEC-A and Series BHR: For moderate and large pump delivery for low pump heads.

Single and double stage

Series MEC-D/DMR: Small and moderate pump delivery for moderate pump head.
Series MEC-D prospectus for download (DE)


Series MEC-MR, Series HMU, Series PM: For moderate pump deliveries for large and moderate pump heads.

Series MEC-MR prospectus for download (DE)

Series PM prospectus for download (DE)

Further data sheets are available on CAPRARI's home page.