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Deep-well turbine

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Operational areas

Deep-well turbines can be installed in wells, ponds, in dry installation and in pressurised tanks. For this, the pump body is always submerged in the pumped medium while the head stock is installed at the surface. The two parts are connected via a shaft running centrally through the riser pipe.

This makes it possible to install a really large pump in a comparatively small well, since the water does not have to stream past a relatively large submersible motor. When used in wells, standard versions of these pumps can reach ground water strata at depths of up to 120 metres, while special models can be used to depths of more than 250 metres.

Production series P with belt drive/angular gearbox and electric motor

Single or double stage pumps with semi-axial wheels, powered by electric motors and/or combustion engines by means of riser pipe shafts.

Deep-well turbine prospectus for download (DE)

Further data sheets are available on CAPRARI's home page.