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Irrigation machines

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Irrigation machines

Irrigation machines are standard equipment nowadays in agricultural field irrigation. They are used in root crop, cereal and vegetable cultivation. One throughput can irrigate areas of up to 750 m in length with a working width of up to 95 m. In practice this results in one irrigated area of a maximum of 5.5 ha per irrigation draught.


  • High degree of flexibility with respect to operation site, size and shape of the field and volume of water available.
  • Easy to transport and set up.

Optima series from LGRain

The LGRain Optima irrigation machine series fulfils all the requirements of practical use. The machines are constructed to be extremely stable and therefore operating costs are minimal. In addition, with the Irridoseur, LGRain offers you an irrigation manager, which can be controlled over a mobile telephone.

Optima 1027 / 1032 / 1037

Even our smaller models (up to Ø 110 / 550 m) have a swing crane and can be optionally supplied with a single-axle chassis or with a tandem boogie axle.

Optima 1045 / 1055 / 2061 / 2076

The large models have pipe lengths of up to Ø 125 / 750 m and are noted for their versatility in operation. They are fitted with tandem chassis and front stabilisers.

Optima 1040VPS / 1050VPS / 1055VPS

The VPS models (up to Ø 125 / 600 m) are our "most successful" and are designed as "set down machines". Once in position they are lowered on to their base plate and thus offer absolute structural stability. However, their major advantage is that the driver drives forwards into the vehicle lane, sets down the machine, then turns the entire machine through 180° and is able to start extraction without driving through the crop!

Irrigation machines from PERROT

Since 2013: Perrot is back!

In order to round off the machine programme we decided to include once more in our range a traditional irrigation machine manufacturer. PERROT has an excellent reputation and a long tradition. The Perrot machines are constructed to be exceedingly sturdy and stable and are equipped with the easy-to-operate Progamm Regen 10 control system from Nortoft.
The Peromat irrigation machines are available from the TR 10 (75 / 360 m) with single axle chassis up to the TR 83 model with tandem boogie axle and the 650 m long 120 PE pipe.
The machines' chassis and base frames are galvanised and have a water supply on both sides.
The specific structure of the turbine geometry and slide-valve gear also allows the machines to be used for unusually fast intake speeds of approx. 10 m/h to 85 m/h. Here we are talking in particular to farms, which cultivate crops (e.g lettuce) in their crop rotation, which have to be "watered" when they start to grow and are only 6 mm to 8 mm in size.

Eco-Line irrigation machines

New in the LGRain programme: the cost-effective Eco-Line series

With the new Eco-Line series LGRain GmbH is now offering selected models at bargain prices. Eco-Line is a new irrigation machine series, which offers irrigation machines for all requirements from the small sports pitch 43/120 machine up to the large 120/670 m machine (110/850 m also available). In this range the agricultural models are available both with normal chassis (single and tandem axle) and also as set down machines.

Eco-Line offers 100% LGRain GmbH technology with a particularly interesting price-performance ratio. All the machines are available with galvanised chassis (optionally also with galvanised reel), lane deposition, centrally mounted sprinkler, over-pressure and under-pressure shut-down, plus an adequate computer for regulating intake with up to 4 programmable irrigation zones. With this series SMS notification on your mobile phone is also optionally available.